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Board Officers


W. Brad Huggins


Vice Chair

Jamel E. Arrington


Secretary / Treasurer

Brian P. Bell, Sr.



Lorie Howerton


Norman D. Smith

Past Chair

A. Randy Bricker

Board of Directors

Alicia Ahern

Bethany Anderson

Larry Anderson

Chris Carroll

Anna B. Causey

David Gaines

Jason Jones

Autumn Morris

Gina Redmond

J. Ben Renfroe M.D.

Jon Stead

Kevin Stephens

James Stoltz

Robert Underwood

Advisory Council

Edward D. Morrison - Co-Chair

C.C. Neil Thorsen - Co-Chair

Saundra Daggs

Robert “Bobby” A. Likis

Leslie Saam, CIC

Patricia S. Windham

Directors Emeritus

Sarah Smith Scales

Medical Director

J. Ben Renfroe, M.D.


Dr. Sherry A. White

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