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Speech Therapy


Our speech-language pathologists are professionals who assess and treat speech and language, cognitive-communication disorders. Through a range of activities, children will learn the concept of using speech as a tool to meet their wants and needs.  They are encouraged to ask for the things they want through models provided by the therapist and frequent prompting given in a fun and positive way.  Activities boosting expressive language would ask the child to label or describe objects that are presented.

4901 W. Fairfield Dr. • Pensacola, FL 32506   (850) 453-7463

• Fax: (850) 455-7322

Program Hours:

Monday-Friday     8:00 a.m.-5 p.m.

Capstone Adaptive Learning & Therapy Centers, Inc.

Phone# (850) 432-1596 Toll Free 1-877-432-1596 

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