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Hours of Operation:
Tuesday thru Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday 9 am to 3 pm 
(850) 626-3004
Capstone Pet Place:
On the job training program in which students have an incredible opportunity to acquire hands-on training in running a "real" business.  Thanks to a start-up grant from Pensacola Bay Area Impact 100 and individual donors, Capstone students learn all aspects of running a retail pet supply store (no animals).  Students also partner with local animal rescue organizations and shelters to host pet adoption days. Thus, finding loving homes for unwanted cats and dogs.
Activities include:
Students learn retail operation, earn paychecks, and gain job experiences
  • Soft skills training in socialization, appropriate behaviors,  and customer service
  • Hard skills training in counting money, inventory, and stocking shelves
  • Host pet adoption events and provide information on spay and neuter
  • Job development, resume writing, job search, and computer skills 
  • Community experiences via field trips and volunteer activities.
Capstone Student Skills Training Program:  
Adults and students with significant developmental disabilities learn skills to build independence.  Students are assisted in seeking and sustaining gainful employment and overcoming barriers for a better quality of life.  This program is designed to educate, prepare, and train students who have not been considered employable or capable of living on their own.  We assist students in discovering their abilities and interests to help them adapt and overcome obstacles through research and evidence-based curriculum.  Participants rotate through career and life skills models at their own pace to ensure success in the program.
Activities include:
  • Life skills training in personal care, cooking, and independent living
  • STEM curriculum and team building
  • Job development, resume writing, job search, and computer skills
  • Community experiences via field trips
  • Volunteer activities
Made possible by:
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