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Group Homes

We have six group homes for adults to enjoy life in a family centered environment. These aren’t just buildings, these are
HOMES where people LIVE, PLAY and LEARN! The homes are located in safe neighborhoods in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties

Our specially trained caregivers ensure the residents are well cared for by providing a safe place to live, nutritious meals and participation in community activities. We also provide nursing oversight seven days a week, 24hours a day.

The people who live in a Capstone group home enjoy the benefits of living as independently as possible versus moving into an institution or nursing home. They are transported to their daily skills training programs, doctor/dental appointments, shopping trips, banking and recreational activities.

Nursing oversight and care is provided at all Capstone group homes, thus allowing medically complex youth, and adults (who require nursing care) to engage in community activities, therefore realizing an improved quality of life.  Nurses are on call 24/7.

Phone: 850.432.1596

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